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NYC Dry Cleaning

WashClub NYC provides superb Eco-friendly dry cleaning, laundering and tailoring for your garments, and all you simply do is toss your items in a bag and they come back clean, pressed and nicely packaged.

Our ordering process for dry cleaning is similar to our laundry service. We understand that your dry cleaning is important and might have special care instructions, which is why we allow our customers to leave specific instructions for each and every dry cleaning item added to the shopping cart. Our dry cleaning service is delivered within 48-hours.

At WashClub NYC, we use the most Eco-friendly dry cleaning NYC process in the industry. Unlike a majority of our competitors, we care about our customer's health and prohibit the use of perchloroethylene, commonly referred too as PERC. Instead, we use organic solvents, which better protect fabrics and are odor-free.

WashClub NYC also strives to keep waste at a minimum through recycling of materials and being at the forefront of technological developments.

Dry Cleaning Pricing

Service Price

Please include detailed notes with the item you would like to be tailored.

Minimum: There is a minimum charge of $30.00 for pickup service. We charge $1.00 for every fifteen pounds of laundry for Downy. There is a $1.00 separation fee.

Missed Pickup & Delivery: At the time of pick up or delivery, if no one is home we have a $7.00 charge.

Gratuity: There is an 8% gratuity added for every delivery order.

Laundered Shirts $1.95
Pants & Skirts $4.95
Blouses & Sweaters $4.95
Dresses $10.00 & Up
Suits $9.75
Dry Clean Shirt $4.95
Sport Coat or Blazer $5.95
Coats & Down Jackets $23.00 & Up
Blankets & Comforters $25.00 & Up
Ties & Scarfs $4.95 & Up
Shorts $4.95
Vests or Shawls $4.95
Pea Coat or Rain Coat $23.00
Tuxedo $25.00
Shirt in Box $2.75
Curtain $28.00
Bed Sheets $15.00 & Up
Pillow Cases $5.50 & Up
Sofa Cover $60.00
Slip Cover $40.00
Leather Jacket $45.00
Leather Coat $65.00
Leather Pants $45.00
Sweat Shirts & Pants $11.00
Tailoring: Pants & Skirts Hem: $15.00 - Zipper: $20.00
Tailoring: Dresses Hem: $15.00 - Zipper: $25.00 & Up
Tailoring: Jackets Zipper: $30.00 & Up