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Free yourself from laundry worries.

With WashClub, your laundry and dry cleaning are picked up, and delivered directly to your door with just a few clicks.

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NYC's first laundry service that uses 100% solar energy.

In a world where making Eco-friendly choices is no longer a choice but a necessity, we are proud to be trailblazers of sustainability in the laundry and dry cleaning industry. We stand as New York City's first laundry facility to operate on 100% solar energy, embodying a commitment to a greener, cleaner future.

What are WashClub's environmental
benefits to New York City?

  • Renewable

    We create minimal carbon emissions to reduce our overall environmental impact.

  • Zero CO2

    Our solar energy has zero carbon emissions during the actual generation of electricity.

How does it work? Three easy steps!


Select your preferences.


We'll do your laundry just the way you like it.

Click 'Schedule Pick Up', enter your address, email address, select preferences, pick up and delivery time, and create an account.

At WashClub, we understand that how you do laundry is as individual as you are. Share your laundry preferences, and we'll emulate your routine, ensuring your laundry is handled just as you like.

We offer detergents for sensitive skin, OxiClean, bleach, fabric softener, delicate low-temperature drying, and so much more.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're dedicated to meeting every aspect of your unique laundry requirements.

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60-minute windows with driver tracking.

Have your laundry ready for pick up on your scheduled day and time. Simply toss your dirty clothes in any laundry bag or any type of disposable bag.

Experience the utmost convenience with our 60-minute* pick up and delivery windows, available seven days a week in most serviced areas. Simply hand your bags to the driver, leave them outside your door, or entrust them with your doorman - the decision is yours. This streamlined process is designed to be effortless and customized to suit your preferences.

* Please note, 60-minute windows are not currently offered in Manhattan.

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60-minute windows.


We'll notify you in real-time.


Advanced driver tracking and notifications.

Your clean clothes will be delivered within 24-hours; delivered fresh, clean, and neatly folded.

You'll be notified via text and email when your driver is on their way and will arrive within the 60-minute window you selected. You can track your driver every step of the way. It doesn't get more convenient than that.

Your peace of mind is our priority.

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Experience laundry, effortlessly!

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Leave your laundry to the experts at WashClub.

Let us handle all of your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

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